What Is Micro Marvels?

Stimulating students though dynamic teaching aids . No cost to schools. No cost to educators. No cost to students.

Micro Marvels is a series of free instructional videos targeted at 9th grade students (although the content will be suitable across a broad age range). The modules, almost entirely animated in 3D, will be designed to present a window into the magic that exists deep within our cells while providing the educational baseline so needed in US high schools.  With Micro Marvels, we hope to generate greater interest in science and biology for years to come.

For Our Schools

Science is amazing. Help us remind students of that fact!

Micro Marvels is being made to help schools draw students into the amazing world of science. And with looming budget cuts, US schools do need help! As recently as 20 years ago, the United States was ranked No.1 in high school education. Today, the US is 23rd in the global science education ranking. The National Academies, the country’s leading advisory group on science and technology, warned that unless the United States improves the quality of math and science education, at all levels, it will continue to lose economic ground to foreign competitors.

Visual Teaching Aids

The Micro Marvels videos are being developed using the California State Board of Education teaching standards. (For a list of specific content taught by the modules, see the FAQ.) Technical accuracy will be reviewed by biology professors from The University of California and The University of Central Florida along with public high school science teachers from California, Minnesota, and Florida.

How You Can Help

Improving education by helping students discover the wonders of science – at no cost to schools.

Your support of Micro Marvels will help produce a series of captivating, broadcast quality 3D animated biology videos aimed at late middle school and early high school students. The purpose of the videos is to provide teachers with high quality, dynamic tools to help strengthen the foundation of high school science education. These videos will provide a visual understanding of microbiology that pictures in a textbook cannot, while stimulating student interest in science and biology. The ambition of this project is to make the videos available to schools, teachers and students for absolutely no cost: 100% free to those who need it most.

Crowdfunding information will be posted in the future.


Micro Marvels: Visualizing the foundations of life to build the foundation of education.

For more information, email info@micromarvels.com