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What is the Micro Marvels Kickstarter project?

Together with your support, we can help our schools!

Micro Marvels is a Kickstarter project to fund the production of free instructional videos targeted at high school students. Each module, almost entirely animated in 3D, will be designed to present a window into the magic that exists deep within our cells while providing the educational baseline so needed in US high schools. With Micro Marvels, we hope to generate greater interest in science and biology for years to come. These videos are being developed using the California State Board of Education teaching standards. Technical accuracy will be reviewed by biology professors from The University of California and The University of Central Florida along with public high school science teachers from California and Florida.

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The Micro Marvels Modules


A Tour of a Cell

Journey through the amazing, crowded inner workings of a typical cell, learning the function of each major cell structure.


Mysteries of DNA

The secrets of DNA unfold inside the nucleus of a cell, including DNA structure, replication, and the role of DNA in cell processes.



Are viruses alive? How do they reproduce and take over cells? What does our body do to combat them?


The Immune System

We look at the complex human immune system, showing how invaders attack cells and how the body recognizes threats and responds.

Our Kickstarter Goal

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